In Anatolia, the Helvac覺zade Group has been prepared for a new line of investment that will raise production capacity to threefold. The company, which received an investment incentive certificate of TL 25.4 million, will thus transition to industry 4.0 standards. "Total turnover will be a production infrastructure that can reach 1 billion TL," says Tahir Büyükhelvac覺gil, Chairman of Helvac覺zade G覺da 襤laç Kimya.
In June, incentive certificates were obtained for projects with an investment cost of around TL 9 billion. Helvac覺zade Food also took place on the list of investor companies. The company, which receives the incentive certificate for the investment of 25.4 million TL refined oil production, will produce serial in May 2018 with the new investment to be realized in the Konya Organize Sanayi Bölgesi. The investment, which will carry the company's production capacity of 400 tons per day to approximately 200 thousand tons, is planned to triple the current filling and packaging capacity.
Helvac覺zade G覺da Ilaç Kimya Chairman of the Board Tahir Büyükhelvac覺gil says that this investment will make the growth of its brands sustainable both at home and abroad. Büyükhelvac覺gil said, "With this investment, we plan to implement all the processes starting from the empty packaging production of olive oil, sunflower oil, corn oil and all edible oils that we produce for all of our brands to the delivery of intelligent storage. By targeting continuous development and innovation, we will be able to produce our newly developed innovative products much easier and in higher tonnage ".

200 million TL contribution
Helvac覺zade Group exports "branded edible vegetable oil products as well as " Zade Vital " health brands. The company, which exports vegetable oils to 70 countries and healthcare products to 10 countries, aims to export 26 million dollars of exports in 2016 to 30 million dollars this year. The export ratio of the company is 12 percent.
The Group's year-end figure of 2016 was TL 345 million. Tahir Büyükhelvac覺gil said that the turnover target of 2017 is 450 million TL and that the total investment of the new investment will be a production infrastructure that can reach 1 billion TL and we expect an additional turnover increase of 200 million TL in the first stage.

130 Year Company
The Helvac覺zade Group, which has been operating for 130 years, is present in three business lines: food, health, and distributorship services. The company's production facilities and AR-GE centers are located in Konya. Zade Vegetable Oil Refining Plants are producing 400 tons per day. Zade Vital Pharmaceutical Production Facilities, which is the biggest soft capsule production facility that produces GMP (European Good Manufacturing Practice) standards, can produce 1 billion capsules a year.
Also in Konya, Zade & Zade Vital 襤bn-i Sina AR-GE Center and Natural Products Research and Application Center DÜAMER Laboratories are carrying out innovative product works for all brands.

Opening office in USA
Tahir Büyükhelvac覺gil stated that they aimed to enter the US market with their brands in the health field, "We opened our office in Chicago as the first step for this. Our next stop will be Seattle. We also want to take advantage of the channels of e-commerce giants by entering sales networks like "